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best of the year/complaints

 my guess for EC is Superfriendz but with all this hype on thrush hermit i might just buy it and change my mind. As for Canada,i don't really know cause the only cd i bought that was canadian and not east coast was treble charger and as i think they are good i don't think they were the best of the year. Maybe OLP is the best but i've not had the chance to buy it.

I get sick of this thing some people have with only liking indie music and hating people who go for the big name big label, good looking lead singer bands that can charge 60,000 people $30 a pop for tickets. I like most indie music and am an avid fan of anything indie especially east coast but i won't limit myself to it. I'm not doggin anybody so please don't send me hate mail. WHY CAN"T WE JUST GET ALONG and i'm sure Jason is getting pretty fed up.

i haven't bought a good zine lately so if anyone has a GOOD zine with lots of interviews and pics (i'm looking in your general direction Heather of Savory) drop me a line and i'll see what you got.