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Plumtree Interview is done

Okay, I received alot of comments on the comment I made last night about
tonights interview with Plumtree so I'm just going to do this general

I just finished the interview about half an hour ago.  It'll be a couple
days before I do the write up because we have to transfer the reel to
cassette so I can listen to it again.  

Kevin-  I'll post the interview to the list and if you want it for the
Fanzine, then by all means use it (of course you'll have to send me a copy).

Colin- I asked about the harmonica thing and she clammed.  I don't think
she was expecting it, but they all got a good laugh.

The interview is appearing in the Xaverian Weekly, which is the St. FX
Campus paper, AirWaves Weekly (a weekly email newsletter I write for) and
is being aired on CFXU tomorrow night and again next Thursday night.  If
anyone wants a copy of the taped interview, send me the postage and I'll
send you the cassette.  If any other campus radio stations want to air the
interview, I'll send the tape to you free of charge using the stations
postage account.
Hopefully I'll have the interview posted to this list on Wednesday and no
later, but I'm not %100 I can get it done by then.

As for how the interview went, it was great. They are the coolest girls.
I'd only ever met Carla before when I saw her play with Avenger 7.  It was
a fairly laid back interview with basic chit-chat and some funny Plumtree
stories.  It's the second last stop on their tour and I think they're
pretty happy to be going home.  Anyway, you'll all see the interview in a
couple days anyway.  For anyone who does want the tape, my snail mail is in
my sig file (i think it is anyway).

And to think, three days ago I made a comment that I don't make enough
posts to this list.  I was afraid everyone had forgotten me...especially
after I was so "thoughorly chastised" last year when I made a comment about



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