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inbreds/best of 97

> help me here though:
> inbreds 7"s
> what songs are on the subpop?  new ones
> the new murder 7"  what's on that little beauty?
ok, well i have no idea what's on the murder 7" ....  but i do know that
the other single you were referring to isn't on subpop but on summerside,
another label out of seattle.  it's distributed by subpop.  a side:
yelverton hill, i love this song... it's amazing.  b side:  cathy's clown,
not as good.  actually, kind of dissapointing coming from the inbreds.

as for my picks of '97:
canadian:  THRUSH HERMIT- sweet homewrecker;   JULIE DOIRON- lonliest in
the morning....  others worth mentioning: new elevator, eric's trip, super
friendz, the vees ep, the state champs ep, plumtree.

otherwise:  PAVEMENT- brighten the corners;  YO LA TENGO- i can hear the
hearts beating as one; HELIUM- the magic city.
others worth mentioning: folk implosion- dare to  be surprised, bettie
serveert- dust bunnies, guided by voices- mag earwhig, that dog- retreat
from the sun and ben folds five...... oh, the new pizzicato five is good
too.... but it takes getting used to.  and bis and superchunck.  yeah.  i
guess that's a lot, huh?

best compilation - what's up matador
biggest disappointment:  stereolab- dots and loops.  i love these guys, but
this just doesn't face up to their older stuff.......  

so that's all i have to say..... sloannet mail has been really up as of