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Re: Somebody agree please...

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, disco wrote:

> What is all this talk on Sloannet about Our Lady Peace's Clumsy CD being
> so wicked... The only one in that band that has talent is the
> drummer!
    Is that just because he looks and dresses more like a 'Sloan-boy' 
than the other guys in the band? And how do you define 'talent'? Are you 
referring to musicianship? Can you at least admit that the other OLP guys 
don't suck at playing their instruments.  

> I thing the 1990's has been the worst decade for music.
  Entirely wrong. There is a tremendous amount of good music that has 
come out this decade. Open your ears and open your mind.
> People i'm telling you the best station to listen to is 1050 CHUM am or
> CIUT 89.5 fm. The only good contemporary bands are SFZ, Sloan, TH, 
> Erics's Trip...etc...

I like all the bands you've mentioned above but to say they are the 'only 
good contemporary bands' is biased. And how do you go from saying that 
the 90's is the worst decade for music to saying CIUT is one of the best 
radio stations? Isn't one of CIUT's(as most campus radio stations) 
objectives to play 'contemporary' music?