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Dear Sloaners,
        I've got to add my two cents about this whole "OLP can P-L-A-Y"
thing.  A comment was made that Jeremy is an "amazing drummer."  I can't
disagree more.
        It takes an awful lot of ability to call someone amazing.  Jeremy
has never played one note on his drums that I have considered anything but
adequate to competent as far as drumming goes.  AMAZING drummers are ones
like Christian Tanna (IME), or Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews Band).
Drummers who expand the instrument's voice beyond what has been done a
million times.  I've never heard Jeremy play much more than a straight-up
4/4 drum groove, and although he's improved a lot since Naveed, I think that
came from extensive touring with IME, where Christian's ability and chops
forced him to measure up.
        As for the "no good music came out of the 90's" thing, well, no one
appreciates an artist until they're dead, do they?  


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