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no checks to cash, no bids to match

Never ones to shy away from controversy, we thought we'd take this moment to
make an offer of Sloan type stuff:
We managed to capture three lovely hours on tape with Sloan over the last
three days of their northeast US tour in September.  This footage was used on
our NYC public access show Ding Dong... You're Wrong, which you are probably
unable to watch.  
Because of this we would like to give you the opportunity to have a video of
broadcast footage for your very own.  The amazing part is, not only do we
have interviews with the ubiquitous (and generous) Chris Murphy, we've got
truckloads of Jay, a nice bit of Patrick, and even an Andrew number where he
answers questions in a "special way".  Throw in an Ian McGettigan as
interviewer cameo, and a tour of the tourbus and you've got yourself one heck
of a show.  But wait, there's more...  Sloan live!  and Thrush Hermit live
too!!  How's that for exciting?
Our mission is merely to share our shows with the world beyond Manhattan,
much the same way some of you were kind enough to share Canadian tv stuff
with us.  We don't want your money, all we want to do is rock.  So if you're
interested in some sort of trade or something, let us know.  We'll send you
our want list and let's see if we can't all work something out.
all together now  *jane and dollie
ps of course we will proceed from here on out via private email so as not to
envoke the collective (and arguably justified) wrath of the Sloannet family.