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Re: stereoscopic scary show....

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<< i bought this at hom, and i was a bit let down.  the eric's
 girl/moonsocket songs are great, and so is the orange glass and tara
 s'appart.  but that might make up hlaf of the cd if you're lucky.  other
 than that i don't like it.... i hate the monoxides.... they're playing here
 tonight, and where will i be?  well, not there.  so the songs by the good
 bands are really good, the songs by the rest of the bands are
 terrible......... but that's just my opinion.
 wow, two posts in a row.

Thee suddens cover the who's 'can't explain' on the tape version, but it
 isn't on the CD if i'm not mistaken.
That is a crime, as the occaisionally offf key bellowings of 'Can't explain'
combined with the most 'interesting' guitar solo make for quite a fun listen.
Rick's description of the session in the companion 'zine is classic as well.
All this before it got used in a car commercial.