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Re: Age of Electric

>> p.s. What's everyone's stance on that other band with the 3 word
>> name, Age of Electric?
>I like them and Limblifter too. Their lyrics are pretty interesting and
>I think the lead singer is good too. Plus they're really nice to their
>fans. Um, yeah so that's all I have to say about that.

The age of electric have been my fave band for several years now... they
rock... but their new material (such as EVERYTHING on Make a Pest a Pet) is
really disappointing... I enjoyed their self titled disc and "The Ugly EP"
MUCH better... they are really nice to their fans, and it's really a pity
that so many disgusting teenyboppers have to lust after Todd Kerns and
sometimes the rest of them... Ryan Dahle's lyrics are really cool... very
cryptic. :) I was just at their concert in October, but with all those
screaming, drooling female pre-teen fans I enjoyed Zuckerbaby's performance
much better... Limblifter rocks!


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