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Re: Sloan at Stereolab

At 12:24 AM 11/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In case anyone cares, Chris Murphy and Andrew Scott were at the Stereolab
>concert the Pheonix today (Sunday).  They kept it kind of low key, staying
>on the balcony for most of the show.  No one really noticed them, or at
>least no one who knew who they were spoke to them, myself included. 

Actually....all members were present, including Patrick and Sandra.
Heather and I talked with Patrick and Chris breifly, nothing major though...

>There's really not much else to it, except for the question of why Chris
>Murphy was in Toronto anyways.  Any ideas?  Perhaps discussing the new

Chris now lives in Toronto. The only member still living in Halifax is


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