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evil jason

okay, i'm gonna reply to thisand it's gonna be long, so anyone who 
doesn't want to hear arguing about the promo issue just ignore 
it. i'm not at all ashamed that i'm getting money for  promo stuff. 
why? a few reasons: 
1) i've paid for promo stuff myself 
2) I have no money, and whatever money i get from this stuff i will   
    use to buy more cd's, probably all of which will be canadian      
3) I know there are a whole lot of people that would do the 
    same thing on this list 
And i'll say it again: I wasn't the one who started this.   You guys 
seem to have a flair for ganging up on people when they don't act the 
way you want them to, but look at the source. I only mentioned i had 
the stuff once, never even considering that people were willing to 
pay that much money for it. People offered ME money, what am i gonna 
say "no i'm sorry i am against the concept of money, I will not take 
it" Please, be realistic. And finally, lighten up! Jesus I bug a guy 
about deleting a message because he was bugging me in the first 
place, and all of a sudden i'm evil.  

>b) disgusting

I hate to sound like my dad, but if you find this that disgusting, 
then i'm sorry but you're going to have a really hard time  in life

>The only person you are helping is yourself and the people that 
>you are hurting are numerous (including the person whom you bilked 
>for the money...

almost everyone who bid was saying "oh i don't care cause i'm getting 
the money from my parents". hardly bilked, and hardly something I 
feel guilty about. 

> Get off your self-righteous high horse

oh yeah! you're not on a self righteous high horse at all!! why the 
hell else are you posting all of this??

> and realize that not only is what you are doing wrong, but it is slimy and
> underhanded , AND not everyone on this  list wants to hear about it.  SO
> SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And while you are at it, try growing up as 
> well.  Maybe then you will realize that money isn't everything.

slimy and underhanded????? ha! yeah i'd lump myself right in there 
with pimps and con artists. selling records...pretty slimy. anyway I 
can't believe how hypocritical you are. I know everyone on the list 
doesn't want to see the bids, but I also know everyone on the list 
doesn't want to hear you go on about it. it's done tomorrow, is it 
that much of a strain for you to stand? in total there's been about  
three posts with bids i think. I dunno, it looks to me like you're on 
the highest horse of them all.....why else do you feel the need to 
spout off about how much better than me you are, especially when you 
know this will all be over in a day? 

and BTW: please stop taking everything so personally. can't people 
even argue about an issue anymore?