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Re: flashing lights/murdereleases...

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, alt.rawk. wrote:

> > ps. Regarding the Flashing Lights(Matt Murphy's new band), what covers do
> > they play and will anything be released on record?
> ummm...i think you might be thinking of the cover band he's in. the one
> that's touring right now is also called flashing lights but its original
> songs (w/brendan mcguire on bass & ben ross on drums).

well, from what i gather, they were going to call themselves the flashing 
lights, then they were "the donkeys" and now they've settled on "#1 grandpa".
the show the other night was quite good....matt's still in fine form 
(sorry, no jumping off the drums or crazy antics), the songs are decent 
pop/rock songs...almost like seeing the super friendz.
check 'em out when they hit your necks of the wood.