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flashing lights/murdereleases...

> ps. Regarding the Flashing Lights(Matt Murphy's new band), what covers do
> they play and will anything be released on record?
ummm...i think you might be thinking of the cover band he's in. the one
that's touring right now is also called flashing lights but its original
songs (w/brendan mcguire on bass & ben ross on drums).
i heard that they'll be putting out a 7" sometime in the future. any
confirmation of this?

> pss. Again on "The Indie Hour", it was mentioned that Sloan, Inbreds, and
> the Local Rabbits will have Murderecords releases this coming March.
sloan they said is in June! (yay!) & i think the inbreds in February. the
Rabbits in March (some one was asking about them?)

oh! & they said the vees are going to be making a video too :)
don't forget sloan on streetcents this afternoon!
alt.rawk....canadian indie rawk stuff....