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Re: OLP/Flashing Lights/Lonnie James

Michael Ligon wrote:

> C'mon...admit it you guys & gals are humming along every time 'Clumsy' comes
> on the radio. It's not really that bad a song.

Okay, you caught me.  Actually, I listened to the album in the shop, and
'Clumsy' was the only song that I actually liked on it.  Off the first album, I
actually liked the songs that were in the similar vein; Starseed, Naveed, etc...
But I really couldn't stand Birdman, or many of the other songs.  Unfortunately
(just for me, maybe) they seem to have developed in what I think is the crappier
of the two directions that they showed on the first album....

> Oh shit, I know I've blown my indie credibility now. ;)

God damn!  Now what am I gonna do?