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it's me again margaret.

hi all. this time i have an actual sensible post:
what's up with local bunnies lately? are they making a new record or 
pogo-stiking around the world or what? i haven't heard anything about 
them in ages. i'm getting worried; those boys should have been home 
hours ago! 
and, um, actually, olp and ime sound nothing alike. please don't all 
of you go off on a tangent at me for saying that; i really don't have 
room on my comp account for that many emails. :S but really, they're 
quite different from each other. 
see ya later.
see *you* in regina!
everyone pray to god that it doesn't rain on saturday because i have 
to walk allllll the way to maitland st. 'cause i'm too poor for a cab 
and too scared of metro transit. :P

it'll make you giddy as hell