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Re: A clarifier (disclaimer)

Robert Martin Bruce wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Jon Hill wrote:
> > So, take the Sloan string and follow it back to the
> > Beatles, and then follow it back up to Radiohead and the Verve and the
> > Chemical Brothers, Shudder to Think and Shy Anne. Talk about that. Let
> > it all in. We live in a city where the downtown consists of Barrington
> > street, the music scene has been reduced to embarassing "rock" bands (NO
> > ROCK MERCY! WE LOVE YOU! NO ROCK MERCY!) playing the Cafe Ole and a and
> > r men snubbing the town by the score.
> *Shy Anne*? Maybe the discussion ought to turn to Pedestrian? Stain? Dirty
> Socks? Good grief.
> And by the way, who the hell is Stumble?
Maybe the discussion shouldn't turn to any of those bands, for a simple
reason. Shy Anne are good, they aren't. I have had the honor of hearing
them play, and playing with them, and they are talented respectable
musicians with the exception of the lead singer who shall go unnamed.
They have not fallen for the embarassing pitfalls of being in a band in
Halifax, and their alumni includes Andy Patil of the Holiday Snaps. Shy
Anne are good. Bottom line.