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OLP/Flashing Lights/Lonnie James

C'mon...admit it you guys & gals are humming along every time 'Clumsy' comes 
on the radio. It's not really that bad a song.

Oh shit, I know I've blown my indie credibility now. ;)


ps. Regarding the Flashing Lights(Matt Murphy's new band), what covers do 
they play and will anything be released on record?

pss. I heard on "The Indie Hour" on 102.1 The Edge(in Toronto) that 
Lonnie James is recording a full-length. I haven't heard his single on 
Sappy yet. What's it like?

pss. Again on "The Indie Hour", it was mentioned that Sloan, Inbreds, and 
the Local Rabbits will have Murderecords releases this coming March. Woohoo!