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re: bid wars


I just wanna sort this out then I'll go back to lurking again.

First I wrote:

>Is it just me that's tired of reading (more like deleting, but it's
>been a lot of that lately) about the latest bids on Jason's records?
>Is everyone that's going to sell a record from now on going to post
>the latest bids on here? That's quite annoying if you ask me,
>especially since it's just a way to make more money. Oh well, maybe
>it's just me..

and got a reply from Jason (malkmus\!/ns.sympatico.ca) where he amongst
other things wrote:



>what the fuck is wrong with people like you anyway that they 
>think they own this mailing list?

That I won't even respond to.

Then Ryan (merkley\!/sentex.net) wrote:
>> NO More bidding on sloannet please.  it's a waste of space.

And Jason answered:
>PLEASE!! the bidding stops on saturday anyway, so grow up. if you 
>can't take it, here's some instructions:
>reach, reach REACH.....WAAAAAAAAYYY up to the right of your keyboard
>OH! There it is! the DELETE KEY!!!!

"Grow up"? Well, assuming that there's something wrong with people,
telling them to piss off, scream about the delete key and being
unpolite is pretty grown up, maybe Ryan should have tried that?

Anyways, I don't think anyone has anything against people posting
that they have something to sell that's EC-related. That's great,
if you have something you don't want and there might be people
on the list that wants it - perfect! It's the public bidding that's
unnecessary. Here's why I think that:

a) Ryan wrote me that he wasn't going to send out 10 e-mail when
he can post to the list. Well, if you get 10 e-mail from people
that are interested why not just post to them? How many are on
Sloannet? 150-200 or something? Is Ryan the only one selling and
trading stuff? If everyone's going to post the latest bids on the
stuff they're selling - hey, f**king cool mailing list.

b) Are you sure the people bidding really wants everyone to see
their bid? So that they have to put up with "haha, you're an
idiot - paying XX$ for a CD-single with 3 versions of the same
song on it"?

c) IMO, you take bids and the highest one gets it. Period. To keep
on posting them to get people to raise their bids is so greedy that
I'm stunned. But maybe things work differently in Canada than they
do in Sweden.

On every mailing list I've ever subscribed to bidding has been a 
thing done in private. Please, can't we have it that way (it's
been that way for as long as I've been on here...) on Sloannet too?

Sorry for the length of this. Well, if you don't like it "USE THE
DELETE KEY!". :) (Please again, do we really have to be so ignorant
and start screaming about the "DELETE KEY" every time someone is
questioning the way Sloannet is being used?)

Okay Jason, you can start calling me names now,

take care,


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