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Re: now you've gone to far

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Clay wrote:

> > nope. our lady peace would suck if they were my best friend's band.
> > there is nothing appealing (at least to me and many others) about them or 
> > their music. i wasn't impressed with them before they were popular 
> > (opening for 54-40 a few years back) and i'm not impressed with them now.
> > east coast pride nothing. you don't see me ranting about the success of 
> > rita macneil, either.
> now, it is one thing to slag i mother peace and our lady overkill but to
> lump rita macneil in with them?  that's just sacrilege.  i suppose you
> don't like nana mouskouri (spelling horribly incorrect) either.  it is my
> dream to stop by rita's house in big pond for tea.

well, first off, i wasn't necessarily slagging rita macneil. whether or 
not i like her is irrelevant. my point is, if an east coast band or 
singer is really really successful, i don't necessarily have to sing the 
praises of the artist(s). it's not a pride thing with me. i couldn't care 
less where a band comes from. if they're good, they're good....if they 
suck, they suck (and it's all opinion, folks!)
if you like rita, or OLP, that's your (or whoever's perogative).

p.s.- you spelled nana's name right ;)