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Re: A clarifier (disclaimer)

Robert Martin Bruce <rmbruce\!/is2.dal.ca> had this to say about Re: A clarifier (disclaimer)

}On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Tyler Hellard wrote:
}> I wonder if this could potentially spawn a Hip Club Groove disscussion?                                            \_)
}Unfortunately, the nerds-that-be have gotten over their condescending
}infatuation with hip-hop. 

Are you insinuating that middle-class college types can't honestly 
enjoy hip-hop music, that one must be lower-class and preferably 

}Pity. The entire music industry on the east
}coast refuses to take hip-hop and black music in general seriously. Why
}hasn't Murder or Cinnamon toast promoted artists like MC Skillz or
}Nathan the Alien?

OK, I agree that there haven't been many breaks here for these 
people.  But then there were no breaks for Sloan et al. until they 
pursued things DIY.  Have these guys put out anything on tape?  
Where are the indie hip-hop labels in Halifax?  JoRun has been doing 
this for years.

And remember who released HCG and Stinkin' Rich and sent them on 

} Sloan complain that they are ignored because they don't
}fit in to the predominately Celtic and traditional scene; but at least
}they get some occasional recognition.

Sorry, are you saying Sloan complain that Sloan get ignored?  I 
guess it depends on which sector of the industry you're referring 
to.  They've been ignored by Top 40, but then, who isn't.  They've 
certainly not been ignored by the alternative music industry.

}Proof that the industry is racist: Ashley MacIsaac winning the ECMA for
}best hip-hop artist, for fiddling over a drum loop.

I find no fault with that decision, only with the decision to 
nominate him in the first place.  Once it was decided that he 
qualified, I think he was a shoe-in.  It's all a matter of how you 
define hip-hop.  Obviously he would never win an award for best rap