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Re: Darryl on "OLP" (If ya can't stand Barney Rubble, just

> From:          "GLEN BOURGEOIS" <egb3977\!/umoncton.ca>
> Organization:  Universite de Moncton
> To:            sloannet\!/www.canadaweb.com
> Date:          Thu, 6 Nov 1997 14:01:46 -0400 AST
> Subject:       Re: Darryl on "OLP" (If ya can't stand Barney Rubble, just delet
> Priority:      normal

> Hey friends,
> > No, if OLP were from the East coast, they would be Sandbox. If OLP were
> > from the East Coast with some cranial trauma along the way, they would be
> > the Monoxides.
> Eee, the fast judgement of the Monoxides is quite disturbing. True, a 
> lot of the songs on their album "Galaxy of Stooges" can be 
> forgettable after just one listen, and sometimes the lyrics are a bit 
> on the "ehhhh" side, but I've seen these guys live and I can say that 
> there's some potential behind this crew. Their hearts lie in 70's

But Glen, what about those of whose hearts are not lost in the 70's.

But seriously, there is a value to the Monoxides.  They organize 
shows.  The Eric's Trip farewell concert was due in great part to the 
involvement of Ken, the drummer, who managed to get a big enough 
venue in the form of the MacNaughton Center, got Sloan to come on 
over, and just generally organized a very fitting final Eric's Trip 

And HC5, with Rick White on vocals, and all the Monoxides (save for 
Ken? I'm not sure, it was like that the time I watched) doing MC5 
covers is ridiculous good fun.

But their own songs are pretty goofy.
> Sandbox don't get any appreciation points, because from what I've 
> seen, the guys are full of themselves. By the way Richard Wood and 
> their guitarist were "hamming it up" on the ECMA's, it didn't look 
> like Sandbox were there to make friends... Nor did they look anything 
> else than "Look at us, we're big, we're at the ECMA's and we didn't 
> even put an album out this year" when the ECMA's came to Moncton. 
> Anyone heard "Murder in the Glee Club"? Maybe there's hope.

I'd rather not talk about Sandbox.  They're like dumb relatives you 
relegate to another room at family get-togethers.  If you were really 
brutal, you'd douse them with cyanide while you were at it.

> Ah, well,
> Glen (aka Barney Rubble)
Ah, yes,