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Re: Rocchi on "OLP" / best of '97

> Now, if OLP was from the East Coast... Instead of ranting
> about how much you hate them, people would be filled with
> a sense of pride that yet another sucess has reared its head
> from the East Coast of Canada.
i would have to argue that if they were from the east coast they'd be a
VERY different band. but i am glad that they're have some degree of sucess
in the USA. at least they prove we have actual rock bands and not just a
bunch of singers (alanis, celine dion...need i go on?)

i'm not sure if its from '97 but i think one of the most
overlooked/underrated bands of this year/last year would be ginger from
they put out their second full length album called "suddenly i came to my
senses" which is amazing & on my best of list.  talk about major progress
from their first album (far out).

has sloannet ever put together an all-time best of the EC list? that would
be interesting (but probably rather predictable).
alt.rawk....canadian indie rawk stuff....