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Re: Catano / Rocchi on "OLP"

On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Darryl wrote:

> James Rocchi wrote:
> > 
> > Mr. Catano's comments were viscious, ad hominem, and unkind.
> > I've always contended that two of the world's most addle-pated, riff-rock
> > crappy bands, Our Lady Peace and I Mother Earth should be combined into one
> > band called My F**king Ass.
> > There's a few things I DON'T miss about Canada.
> Now, if OLP was from the East Coast... Instead of ranting
> about how much you hate them, people would be filled with
> a sense of pride that yet another sucess has reared its head
> from the East Coast of Canada. 

nope. our lady peace would suck if they were my best friend's band.
there is nothing appealing (at least to me and many others) about them or 
their music. i wasn't impressed with them before they were popular 
(opening for 54-40 a few years back) and i'm not impressed with them now.
east coast pride nothing. you don't see me ranting about the success of 
rita macneil, either.