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Al Tuck and other things...

Greetings and salutations...

I don't know exactly when this list turned into the "I Hate Our Lady Peace"
list, but I do wish it would stop.  No one has a right to criticize ANY
band like you guys have been doing to OLP, regardless of your personal
dislike for the band, ESPECIALLY on a list that has nothing to do with the
band.  In my opinion, any band who has the courage to put out even one
recording should be respected, if not necessarily liked.

Now for some EC content.  Is Al Tuck still alive?  Last I heard he was
writing some new songs, but this was quite awhile ago.  What's he up to?


P.S.  Behave yourselves. Try your hardest not to respond to the Our Lady
Peace comments I made. Direct all comments to me and not the list.

"Nothing to be afraid of there...unless you're
 afraid of goodness!"
                              -Wendy's Commercial