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Re: Darryl on "OLP" (If ya can't stand Barney Rubble, just delet

Hey friends,

> No, if OLP were from the East coast, they would be Sandbox. If OLP were
> from the East Coast with some cranial trauma along the way, they would be
> the Monoxides.

Eee, the fast judgement of the Monoxides is quite disturbing. True, a 
lot of the songs on their album "Galaxy of Stooges" can be 
forgettable after just one listen, and sometimes the lyrics are a bit 
on the "ehhhh" side, but I've seen these guys live and I can say that 
there's some potential behind this crew. Their hearts lie in 70's 
punk and heavy metal, that's for sure, and catchy tunes like "Can't 
Get Excited" and "Little Bitta Rosie" wake me up and get my 
attention, compared to most stuff that's being put out by Canadian 
"grunge" bands, or American grunge bands. Somehow, Talk Show's 
"Hello, Hello", Matchbox 20 (which sound remarkably close to the 
Counting Crows), or even Bush (who can only wake me up with two 
songs, name 'em) don't cut it for me. Neither does Our Lady Peace. I 
guess it helps to know that a band's heart is really in what they 
play, rather in their own personal self-image (which is what OLP 
_seems_ to be doing).

Sandbox don't get any appreciation points, because from what I've 
seen, the guys are full of themselves. By the way Richard Wood and 
their guitarist were "hamming it up" on the ECMA's, it didn't look 
like Sandbox were there to make friends... Nor did they look anything 
else than "Look at us, we're big, we're at the ECMA's and we didn't 
even put an album out this year" when the ECMA's came to Moncton. 
Anyone heard "Murder in the Glee Club"? Maybe there's hope.

Ah, well,
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)