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now you've gone to far

> nope. our lady peace would suck if they were my best friend's band.
> there is nothing appealing (at least to me and many others) about them or 
> their music. i wasn't impressed with them before they were popular 
> (opening for 54-40 a few years back) and i'm not impressed with them now.
> east coast pride nothing. you don't see me ranting about the success of 
> rita macneil, either.

now, it is one thing to slag i mother peace and our lady overkill but to
lump rita macneil in with them?  that's just sacrilege.  i suppose you
don't like nana mouskouri (spelling horribly incorrect) either.  it is my
dream to stop by rita's house in big pond for tea.

and i for one am enjoying the ranting about olp.  it is fun and needs to
be done more often, because criticism of music in this country is
pathetically nice.  people will hate an album and still give it a review
in a paper that isn't nearly as scathing as they are thinking.  so keep it