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Re: Darryl on "OLP"

"Now, if OLP was from the East Coast... Instead of ranting
about how much you hate them, people would be filled with
a sense of pride that yet another sucess has reared its head
from the East Coast of Canada."

No, if OLP were from the East coast, they would be Sandbox. If OLP were
from the East Coast with some cranial trauma along the way, they would be
the Monoxides.

Bad is bad, shecky, and it don't matter what the return ZipCode is on a
package of crap.

And finally;

>If a band is Indy, you dont own them. Thus the word Independant.
Pardon me for asking, but what the hell is that little attempted tautology
supposed to mean? And what the christ does it have to do with anything?

On a mean Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior kick,