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Re: bid and stuff


I'm getting tired of that Jason guy that keeps on writing things like:

>> anyone who is interested in the "everything you've done wrong" radio
>> promo single from the enclave, please mail me. there are no bids on
>> it right now, so you might be able to get it really cheap! 
>okay I got an offer for 5 bucks American. I'm giving this one 
>until Saturday, so anyone else who wants it, bid by then. thanks

Is it just me that's tired of reading (more like deleting, but it's
been a lot of that lately) about the latest bids on Jason's records?
Is everyone that's going to sell a record from now on going to post
the latest bids on here? That's quite annoying if you ask me,
especially since it's just a way to make more money. Oh well, maybe
it's just me..

While I'm at it:

canadian: Julie Doiron "loneliest in the morning"
non-can: Ben Folds Five "Whatever And Amen"
first ET-buy: "Love Tara" or "Songs About Chris"

Wow, Mike Catano's posts sure made the asskissing more frequent on
here. ;) Go, Mike, go! You're THE best! :P

Take care,


PS - I've always wondered if Victor Canales was schizophrenic... I'm
glad to find out that it's in fact two persons posting. :)

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