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Re: Dissapointment

>Call me sentimental, old fashioned, and unwilling to change, but I miss
>Eric's Trip.  At least for me, the beauty of Eric's Trip was the mix of

i guess this little disclaimer more or less explains everything, but it's
time to move on.  Chances are that there will never be anymore Eric's Trip
stuff, though if there is i'll be the first one i line to buy it on all
formats.  I guess it's just time to move on, Eric's Trip made great music,
and the members continue to do so only in there own seperate bands now.
Eerieconsiliation is where Rick wanted to go, and personaly it's one of my
favorite albums right now.  I have to disagree with your comparison of ETH
to Death metal.  when i think of Death Metal i think fast, unintelligable
lyrics, and the stupidest guitar solos in the world.  ETH does not remind
me of this at all.  I do agree with you that tara should do more writing.
I wish she would at least sing a little, i miss harmony.  But maybe they
don't want to be compared to ET because of the girl boy harmony thing.  I
don't know.  What i do know is that all three of them are some of the
nicest people i've ever met and the happen to make music that I'm willing
to shell out to buy, and to see live.  I'm sorry that any one is
disappointed by the album, but if it's only because you want them to sound
like Eric's Trip, i think you need to move on.

>5. "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" Moby

For some metal see the rest of Animal Rights by Moby(a very versitile