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A clarifier (disclaimer)

Since no one likes me anyways, here it goes. I did that (flamed the
list) to prove a point that maybe some of you have backbones and haven't
been reduced to OCTA in your CD player and nothing else. Seriously here,
we live in Halifax and its a boring little city and all the guitars are
clean and the lyrics about teenage girls and everything is dulled to a
poppy shine. It gets boring. Which is why we should talk about other
bands. If Chris Murphy and Patrick Pentland are our only heroes, no
matter how talented they are (very) where are we then? Backed into a
corner is where. So, take the Sloan string and follow it back to the
Beatles, and then follow it back up to Radiohead and the Verve and the
Chemical Brothers, Shudder to Think and Shy Anne. Talk about that. Let
it all in. We live in a city where the downtown consists of Barrington
street, the music scene has been reduced to embarassing "rock" bands (NO
ROCK MERCY! WE LOVE YOU! NO ROCK MERCY!) playing the Cafe Ole and a and
r men snubbing the town by the score. Well, the four track, not
finished, "you can hear him put down his guitar and walk away and cough
and mumble" bullshit is just not going to cut it. Keyboards at the Cafe
Ole? Drum machines at the Blues Corner? Perish the thought. Musicians:
Look out the window and write a soundtrack for life. Weigh out
percentages of time spent on various aspects of your life, and then
write songs accordingly (you'll find the teenage boys or girls are not
worth the ninety percent pine factor. Write a song about a test signal
on the tv or dial up networking or sodium lights or driving at night or
a plane crash or something obscure, then make it obvious.)
    Sorry for the confusion, Jon Hill.
              (NO ROCK MERCY, I was guilty of it myself)