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Re: Random Thoughts

Hi all.  Probably some of you are pissed off about getting another best of
the year mailing, but I'm doing it anyway.

In Canada it's really hard to say for me.  My favorites are the Super
Friendz "Slide Show" and Elevator To Hell "Eerieconsiliation".  But Thrush
Hermit just missed the list, considering it's way better than anything else
I ever heard from them.  i'm suprised considering all the Sloan fanatics
here that no one has mentioned the Party Album.

Rest of the world, I"d say Yo La Tengo "I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One"
and Pavement "Brighten The Corners".  But if Sonic Youth release a new
full-length album before newyears, it'll bumb Pavement for my top two, cause
I'm oblivious to Sonic Youth doing anything uninteresting or not-cool.

I hear OLP are coming to St. John's next month.  Get I'll get my little bash
on them in here to be trendy and say I'll only pay for their bogus shit if
they bring a good opener (Seriously, I don't like OLP).

I really like all this activity.  things have been going slow for too long!