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empirical evidence that OLP=lame + Inbreds question

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RODENHISER\!/chem1.chem.dal.ca,Internet writes:
>... although I'd love a more quantitative assessment of the 
>unworthiness of OLP than the repetition of the word "shit" ad 
>infinitum.  Can we have examples of weak lyrics, ripoff rhythms, 
>unnatural vocal stylings, excessive coiffure, posing and costuming, 
>etc. ?  I avoid radio sufficiently as to be not very familiar with 
>their material.

Having heard both records, seen them live, and (I *love* teaching!) 
transcribing the drum part to "Superman's Dead", I feel qualified to
say that all of the above are present in OLP - musically, in that song 

To wit:

-  Lyrics: "doesn't anybody ever know that the world's a subwayee?"
nuff said.

- Ripoff rhythms: listen to the guitar part. G----e, anyone?

- unnatural vocal stylings "ow awoooo". Sorry, but the guy has a 
shitty voice, and he's not one of the few singers (like Chick from
Scarce, for instance) who can turn that to his advantage.

- excessive coiffure: well, one obviously has to look beyond the 
music for evidence of this, but not much farther. Look at any picture
of them: they're _stylin'_ cats.

- posing: at one show I saw, in front of several thousand kids, 
the singer
a) was about to say, for no particular reason, "Fuck Mel Lastman" 
(idiot mayor of the city whose central square they were playing), 
but wimped out and giggled instead.
b) let audience members sing into the mic.
b) climbed speaker stacks and sat on top, looking down at the 
screaming masses below.

_I_ think they learned a lot from Van Halen.
You can draw your own conclusions.

I apologize for the rant, but when a band who are _that_ cheesy
can fill Maple Leaf Gardens (that's 16 000 people, folks) here while 
Change of Heart plays clubs, something is wrong. 

I think the equation goes like this:
g----e-by-numbers+gutless radio programmers
+CanCon= undeserving superstars.

Now, on a _positive_ note.. I've seen the Inbreds twice lately and
they were most excellent. Their new songs are great, too! 
When is the new album due out?

taking a deep breath,

>Welcome back, Mike.
Amen. Please stay a while.