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Re: Random Thoughts

	Anybody else throughly enjoying the rants made recently. I'm
almost getting *hopeful* about this list again.

	When Cantano is on a role you can't stop or beat him.
thanks mike to adding some flavor, amusement, and blatant truth.
Three Cheers!	


ps To get back on topic my pic for best non-Canadian release of this year
I'd say The Lilys "Better Can't Make Your Life Better"  (at least I think
it was early 97 and not late 96 that it was released.)    

> when the "disc" in question is, in and of itself, dedicated to nothing 
> more than fulfilling some sort of perverse teleology of sucking in a 
> really big way.  our lady peace are a shit band because they play shit 
> music they would be shit if they weren't popular.  them being on my 
> fucking tv all day long makes me hate them more, simply because they are 
> ever-present.
> > 
> > But of course....... "it's not the band I hate, it's their fans"  
> believe you me, i hate them both.
> if quality of music were related to quality of format, olp would npt put 
> out "discs" - they would put out microcassettes, like the one in your 
> answering machine.  "sorry, guys, we're not allowed to press this crap 
> into vinyl, or encode cds, you get the microcassettes."


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