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Re: Random Thoughts

On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Davis wrote:

> I feel the same way about Clumsy. Excellent cd, but many toss it off as one
> of those "teeny bopper" records just because it's so damn popular.
> Since when does popularity constitute a crappy disc??

when the "disc" in question is, in and of itself, dedicated to nothing 
more than fulfilling some sort of perverse teleology of sucking in a 
really big way.  our lady peace are a shit band because they play shit 
music they would be shit if they weren't popular.  them being on my 
fucking tv all day long makes me hate them more, simply because they are 
> But of course....... "it's not the band I hate, it's their fans"  

believe you me, i hate them both.

if quality of music were related to quality of format, olp would npt put 
out "discs" - they would put out microcassettes, like the one in your 
answering machine.  "sorry, guys, we're not allowed to press this crap 
into vinyl, or encode cds, you get the microcassettes."