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Re: Random Thoughts

Darryl <clockwork\!/dlcwest.com> had this to say about Re: Random Thoughts

}> 5) Will Alyson McLeod's new project Speedo be releasing any recordings?
}**No idea. But another question, which member of the now defunct
}Superfriendz is in Speedo again? And do they have a Canadian
}tour planned in the near future? With who?

I was about to say Charles, since I'm sure they've worked together 
before, but after checking my archives, I find it's Drew Yamada.  
I know nothing about touring, though.

I'm still surprised they're going ahead with that name, after all 
you don't see any bands out there named Pepsi or Nike, do you?  I 
think the Shyne Factory example should be sufficiently close to home 
to warn people away from that.  Any other bands out there who are 
walking promotions for major corporations?  Everclear (coming soon 
to Halifax, opening for Our Lady Peace, tix on Friday I think)?  
Econoline Crush?  Nirvana (they make laser spectroscopy equipment)?