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Random Thoughts

>3) If I were going to buy an Eric's Trip record, which one would you all
**if the gordon streeet haunting were still available, i'd say go for that,
but since it's not, i say love tara.  it was the first eric's trip i'd ever
heard and fell in love with it in a second.  i've gone through three copies
of it because they keep falling to tragic fates (one of them ended up in
germany for god's sake...)  aahhh... fond eric's trip memories.  if only
they were still around to appease my cravings for live eric's trip....  heh
heh selfish me...  don't care about what they want to do, only that i want
to see them play.  play for ME goddammit!!!!!
(sorry, it's really early in the morning.  i just got up.)