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Re: teenbopping

Colin MacKenzie <cm1\!/murderecords.com> had this to say about Re: teenbopping

}how come I see no Elevator through hell  wormwoods show reviews?

Didn't you go??


PS The show was really interesting.  Tara was dressed as Alice in 
Wonderland, while the guys were dressed as former members of Eric's 
Trip.  The film ran with the sound for the first two songs canned, 
then they played the last 16 or so live.  Obviously took practise 
because the film was very well synchronized.  To give them a break, 
there was a 15-second or so pause between songs where the film 
simply displayed the track number, allowing for applause and 
feedback.  The film consisted of some shots of moncton scenery, some 
band shots, and a lot of stareoscopic experiments where Rick laid 
two TVs behind a 45 degree mirror and reshot the footage, so that it 
was reflected down the centre of the screen.  This was used with a 
lot of rotating spirals, floor tiles, wallpaper, and the occasional 
hand or face.  Some interesting thematic matches were "Backteeth" 
where the film was of an open mouth, double exposed with a strange 
film of two women tying each other into bondage/escape artist gear; 
and "50's Lady" with a lady (I thought it was Tara but Adam 
disagrees) clad in a white 50's style pinup girl bathing suit and 
heels, dancing and posing for the camera.  Several clips also 
included footage from the horror classic "Night of the Living Dead". 
I should also note that the sound quality was better than any film 
I've ever seen there (WW should consider buying an ordinary rock PA). 
   Costumes in attendance included Pippi Longstocking at the snack 
bar, Princess Leia, a foam earplug, and one of my favourite Muppets,