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Re: Chris Murphy on street cents

>On Fri, 31 Oct 1997, ^LeMOinE^ wrote:
mean there's a lot of really bad shows you could be watching instead.
>> and they said that on next week's episode there will be a thingy on 
>> sloan, and they had a lil clip of the shaggy haired Chris Murphy and he 
>> was saying sumthin about the party album soo you may want to check out 
>> your local listings and all that :)
>what? did somebody actually call the beef line on the party album? i
>can't believe it...

Here's the deally yo:

About 6 months ago, I was on the Street Cents web page, and decided to go
into the what's your beef section of the site.. I couldn't think of anything
else to enter, so I started ranting about the party album.. this was before
everyone on SloanNet provided their analysis of the situation, and it was
before I knew Sloan's reasoning behind releasing it in the states.  

So, about  a month and a half ago, I get a call from Halifax CBC, telling me
that they want me to be on the show, since they were really impressed with
my beef... 

They sent me a copy of the Party Album, and eventually we ended up doing a
shoot in front of HMV in Toronto.  

I've yet to see the piece, and I probably look really dumb.. but that's
okay.. :-)

Wearing my CBC/Street Cents T-Shirt,


Here's some pix http://www.interlog.com/~derekw/pics/sloan/sloan.htm
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