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Re: (no subject)

heh Yo mama

	THe Be$$er!

ps when do local rabbits play next in hfx, anyone know?

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Jon Hill wrote:

> My original intention in joining this list was to discover new and
> interesting things about the halifax scene, and maybe enjoy some
> refreshing dialogues over various aspects of the music created here. I
> have come to the conclusion that this is a clique I can do without. The
> namedropping and elitism are not the basis for a healthy music scene,
> and this insistence on revolving the conversation around a
> never-evolving group of, albeit talented,  local musicians and various
> incarnations of their bands is a bit tiresome and redundant. This is not
> my victor canales impression, as has been said about me, and this is not
> a shameless self promotion, I have nothing left to promote. This is a
> simply a lengthy unsub. I expected more, but maybe I shouldn't have.