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Re: Stereoscopic Scary Show

the stareoscopic scary show cd can indeed be ordered from heather harkins,
6356 summit st., halifax, nova scotia, b3l ir9, canada and, yes, it's $15
postage paid ($17 overseas).


>> I saw on a Eric's Trip homepage that the Stereoscopic Scary show is
>> available on cd from a girl named Heather Harkins.  Is this legit?
>that's right! if i remember correctly is $15 (ppd, i think), and i don't 
>have her home address off hand, but anyone interested can contact me and i 
>can pass the message along, or actually try to relay some more info on it.
>the stareoscopic cd has more on it that the original cassette too, 
>including the chinstraps, elevator to hell, HC5, tara s'appart, purple 
>knight, and many others, not to mention an alternate mix if "new love" by 
>eric's trip.