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Re: Random Thoughts

>2) When are Thrush Hermit heading into the studio? If Ever?

When I saw Thrush Hermit last spring in Detroit, Ian told us that they had
everything written for another album, it was just a matter of getting
into the studio to record it.  I don't know if he was serious or not...

>3) If I were going to buy an Eric's Trip record, which one would you all

Most Definately, Love Tara.  IMHO it's their best work.  I think it
epitomizes the ET style and sound.  A solid work through and through.
Objections anyone???

Your Humble Servant,
Jason's Toe Tapping Song Picks of the Moment
1. "Sorry Part 2" Julie Doiron
2. "I am a Rock" Simon and Garfunkel 
3. "Evie" Eric's Trip 
4. "Emmaline" Ben Folds Five
5. "Fifteen"  Moonsocket