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Re: Random Thoughts

James wrote:
At 03:20 AM 11/5/97 -0700, you wrote:

>7) Best record you've heard all year? Canadian and Non-Canadian divisions?

Canadian -> there was about 2 I could think about off the top of my head

By Divine Right 'All Hail Discordia' (squirtgun) - If there was a better
straight up rock n roll album this year, please tell me, because nothing
can touch this. The songs are great (talk about an improvement from 2 or 3
years ago ex. Not If I Smell You First comp.), the production is tres bien.
An all around great listen from start to finish. 

Wooden Stars 'Mardi Gras' (sappy) Almost everyone has praised them here so
far, so no need to go into it. Depending on how the 12" turns out (local
label Rhythm Of Sickness is releasing), they just might make my year end
top ten twice.

other mentions -> Secret Agent 'From Conception To Execution' and
Klitschpeil 'Kiet Depression'

Worldwide -> again, two or three really stick out

The Promise Ring ' ' (jadetree) two LP's and a handful of singles down the
road, this band still blows me away. This album is more on the pop side of
emo from the last, but still a great record.

Folk Implosion 'Dare To Be Surprised' (revolver/communion) Although this
record swings more towards 'Kids' -ish stuff, it's still a good record.
'Take A Look Inside' is much better, but this is still growing on me.  

Spiritualized 'Ladies and Gentlemen...' (dedicated) Full on synth and
effect attack. A great record for the chemical dependent's in the crowd.

other mentions: Stereolab, The Make Up, Dweeb, and a bunch more