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Re: Re: The Wooden Stars thread

clockwork\!/dlcwest.com,Internet writes:

I think that the wooden stars are pretty good instrumentally
and musicly. I do think that the singer has an, ummm...
interesting singing style and overall voice. Altogether,
i thought that they were very technical, similar to the

Through this whole thread, people have kept missing 
the point. I find it hard to believe, but I just have to 
conclude that indiepop is all that some members of this 
list have ever listened to. I mean, equating the Wooden 
Stars with the Superfriendz? 
Let me say this once only: 
The Wooden Stars. Are. Not. A. Pop. Band. 
They are one of the most original bands I have ever
heard, and one of the most consistently tight - and
interesting - live acts.  But they are not a simple
pop band.
	Dissing them because their songs and live show 
aren't as peppy and straight-ahead as Sfz, or Sloan, 
or (ick!) the Local Rabbits, is not doing them justice. 
They're not the most accessible of bands, and no, they're 
not for everybody. But then, who is? More to the point, if 
you're going to publically slag a band, make other people's 
lives more interesting; wait a few months, listen to some 
musicians who _aren't_  personal friends of Sloan, and
then start commenting.


PS when did Thrush Hermit get so good? they freakin RAWKED
last week. Inbreds were great too.