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random happiness?

I'd definitely agree with you on both the radiohead and ani difranco cd's!
They're both from the "heavenly music land" in the sky.
Sorry.....this has absolutely zilch east coast content at all......


>hi folks
>wow, the hostilities on this list!  its kind of sad that we have to
>complain about such stupid things... afterall, if you dont like something,
>dont just sit there and brood, change it.
>i was giving some thought to james' question about the best cd this
>i would definitely have to give honourable mention to the geraldine
>fibbers'   -butch-
>and of course to radiohead's -ok computer-
>so for first place from the non canadian category... it would have to be
>-living in clip- by ani difranco because she just rocks my world.
>from canada.. that is harder. ive been buying a lot of not new (ie last
>year and the year before) cds.   jale's -closed- has been playing a lot in
>my room,  but so has kombinator.
>so i believe that thrush hermits -sweet homewrecker-  wins.
>this is just off the top of my head, so dont be surprised if i revise this.
>sorry to babble
>oh yah and i really liked -dare to be surprised- by folk implosion