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Random Thoughts

And now, in an effort to provoke discussion, discourse, and hijinks:

1) Is there any word on a release date for the currently-being recorded
Sloan record? Any word on an American deal?

2) When are Thrush Hermit heading into the studio? If Ever?

3) If I were going to buy an Eric's Trip record, which one would you all

4) Does anyone know what's going on with Pluto?

5) Will Alyson McLeod's new project Speedo be releasing any recordings?

6) Is there any word on what Pluto are doing? back in studio? Still on Virgin?

7) Best record you've heard all year? Canadian and Non-Canadian divisions?

8) "Manifest Destiny" was neither. Discuss.

Apropos of nothing, the new Weeping Tile is an amazing record (best record
I've heard all year -- , with at least two tracks on it that'll appeal to
any low-fi four-track fan, and Treble Charger were jolly good in Oakland
the other night opening for the Foo Fighters. But tired. Sooooooo tired.
"Mercury Smile" kicks very much  ass.

The Coroner? I hate that guy,


P.S. Heather, where is my copy of Le Zine?  Is it being held at the border
for Subversiveness?