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Re: (no subject)

Hey hey hey,

> My original intention in joining this list was to discover new and
> interesting things about the halifax scene, and maybe enjoy some...

Namedropping? Elitism? Some of us happen to have friends that others 
rave about and want to know a lot of stuff. It's not namedropping, 
it's the electronic equivalent of "Oh, I was talking to the gang the 
other day, and so-and-so said something funny." The so-and-so 
interests the others around here, so of course the story will be 
said. It's like I started telling you about the time I was at the 
cafeteria and the sweet and funny thing that happened there to that 
chick in your class who you can't stop thinking about... 

Elitism? Didn't notice anyone telling me to shut my mouth because 
they wished to speak. Well, that is, until you said we should quit 
"namesdropping". I guess, knowing someone 'famous', I felt targeted.

And whoever said you should've joined Sloannet in 1994 is right. Not 
too much is happening lately. When there's no news, people bring out 
the war stories and reminisce. But when something _does_ happen, we 
talk about, and maybe we do wear it a bit too thin for some. But it's 
all a balance, who likes what, who could do without else. To be 
brutally honest, I joined Sloannet to find me a copy of the Rhodes 
Jam 7". I got it, yet I'm still here. (Maybe I'm looking for someone 
to sell me their copy of the TGIE/"Autobiography" (demo) 7"... S;^D). 
Sincerely, did you think something exciting happened everyday in the 
Maritimes? We've less people here than in New York, so why should it 
be that we would have as much interesting stuff going on here than 
throughout all of North America? If I don't like what I see, I 

Can't say I don't understand your frustration, though. When I first 
joined Sloannet two years ago, I was thrilled that I'd be finally 
able to discuss song structures, chord progressions, and Sloan's 
ever-present influences with other Sloan fans for a change... Until 
people started complaining that they didn't want to see posts they 
didn't understand, that songs were meant to be enjoyed and not 
analyzed, and that anyone who tried to figure out Sloan's influences 
just by listening to their music was being totally blasphemous as to 
why Sloan exists and who the four band members really are. I was left 
unsubscribing from Sloannet with the feeling that all Sloannetters 
wanted to do at that time were to gawk about how cuuuuute Chris was, 
how sweeeeeeeeeeet Jay was, and how dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamy 
Patrick was. That and describe each and every single concert they 
went to, to the most minute detail. I came back for what I thought 
would be a temporary thing, but was quite interested in what the 
people here had to say, this time around. For once, it sounds like 
everyone's my age on a mailing list.

Ah, well, wishing you a happy unsubscription, and I think ET_etc. 
still exists, if you're interested.
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)