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Re: mo money, mo money, mo money...

Elaine Hsu wrote:

> One comment about the individual who wrote the lengthy un-sub message - yes,
> I know we're suppose to ignore posts like these, but I can't help it. He had
> complained of the lack of "refreshing dialogue" and the "elitism" he had
> found on Sloan Net. Was he not the same individual who had bluntly told all
> of the SFZ fans here on Sloan Net to "Get over it - Now" after we had heard
> the terrible news? I didn't find his comment to be "refreshing dialogue" and
> I didn't appreciate his condescending attitude. And his un-sub message - did
> you also not find it to be a tad bit (dare I say it?) - elitist? If it walks
> like a duck, if it talks like it duck, then it is... If people don't like
> what's being said on Sloan Net, they can either just delete the messages and
> don't bother with 'em, or they can try to magically create some kind of mind
> blowing, dazzling topic to chit-chat about, instead of just complaining
> about it.

I couldn't agree more....we see compliants like this on a sporadic basis
but......if you don't like it, post what you want to "talk" about.....if
it's too far from the stated purpose of the list someone will say so &
maybe it will get some of the list subscribers to start contributing

R Baker, who misses the days of Mike Catano getting everybody fired up
about .....anything!!