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Re: (no subject)

Jon Hill <david.hill\!/ns.sympatico.ca> had this to say about (no subject)

}My original intention in joining this list was to discover new and
}interesting things about the halifax scene, and maybe enjoy some
}refreshing dialogues over various aspects of the music created here. 

Then I suggest two things:

1) Join Sloannet in 1994.
2) Join the Halifax Events list, assuming that anyone would bother 
to post there anymore.

}have come to the conclusion that this is a clique I can do without. The
}namedropping and elitism are not the basis for a healthy music scene,

"Clique"?  "Elitism"?  We've never been accused of having such 
attributes before!!

}and this insistence on revolving the conversation around a
}never-evolving group of, albeit talented,  local musicians and various
}incarnations of their bands is a bit tiresome and redundant. 

A) How do you justify the statement that these artists are not 
evolving?  Assuming that you are familiar with their first 
releases, tell me that sloan, vees-jale-tag, brokengirl-moonsocket-
ETH-OG-eric'strip-purpleknight, thrush hermit, rebeccawest-bubaiskul 
etc. have not evolved.

Well, ok, perhaps Mark Gaudet has de-volved...

B) Upon what else can we base a 4 1/2 year long discussion of the 
east coast music scene but a group of talented local musicians and 
various incarnations of their bands?  Every time someone from away 
tries to discuss a band from away we yell at them to not get off-

C) Unfortunately, as the proportion of non-Easterners on the list 
has risen, the proportion of "in-the-know" local scenesters who
post hard info about the bands has diminished.  The cliquism is what 
keeps the list fresh.

}This is not my victor canales impression, 

nor even a "victor" catano impersonation :)

}This is a
}simply a lengthy unsub. I expected more, but maybe I shouldn't have.

Another underwhelmed subscriber, c'est la vie,

PS I hope you know how to unsubscribe correctly!!!