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nutty fans

>P.S.  Getting in my two cents on this sloan promo thing,  yes, paying $45
>for a three song cd featuring the same song three times is crazy.  But
>that's just me.

i paid $45 just to get into a sloan show, varsity arena, toronto

        i bought two row L tickets for $38 total.  friend backed out.  went
with my cousin who had floor ticket.  didn't want to sit alone.  so i gave
my two tickets plus $10 to a scalper in exchange for a floor ticket.  with
the exchange and all, $45 us funds.  ah well.  sure i already saw the band 6
times before, but hey

i have also own four copies of octa.  murder cd, murder 12", enclave cd,
enclave double 12"   now  tell me i'm nucking futs.