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Re: Stereoscopic Scary Show

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Our House To Yours wrote:

> I saw on a Eric's Trip homepage that the Stereoscopic Scary show is
> available on cd from a girl named Heather Harkins.  Is this legit?

that's right! if i remember correctly is $15 (ppd, i think), and i don't 
have her home address off hand, but anyone interested can contact me and i 
can pass the message along, or actually try to relay some more info on it.

the stareoscopic cd has more on it that the original cassette too, 
including the chinstraps, elevator to hell, HC5, tara s'appart, purple 
knight, and many others, not to mention an alternate mix if "new love" by 
eric's trip.

> P.S.  Getting in my two cents on this sloan promo thing,  yes, paying $45
> for a three song cd featuring the same song three times is crazy.  But
> that's just me.

er, yeah, but then again, i paid $100 for a sealed big star album that i 
refuse to open ;)