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mo money, mo money, mo money...

What kind of sick, twisted freak would pay $25 and up for a cd single? Why
sick twisted freaks like me of course, who take pleasure and get a rise out
of paying our hard earned cash on rare little Sloan goodies - goodies which
we will relish for as long as we live, until the day you have to pry it out
of our cold, dead hands. And besides, the $25 bucks would have just been
spent on something frivilous like uh, food for instance. Why spend money on
things that will spoil in a week when you can have a cd/record that will
last forever? ;) 

One comment about the individual who wrote the lengthy un-sub message - yes,
I know we're suppose to ignore posts like these, but I can't help it. He had
complained of the lack of "refreshing dialogue" and the "elitism" he had
found on Sloan Net. Was he not the same individual who had bluntly told all
of the SFZ fans here on Sloan Net to "Get over it - Now" after we had heard
the terrible news? I didn't find his comment to be "refreshing dialogue" and
I didn't appreciate his condescending attitude. And his un-sub message - did
you also not find it to be a tad bit (dare I say it?) - elitist? If it walks
like a duck, if it talks like it duck, then it is... If people don't like
what's being said on Sloan Net, they can either just delete the messages and
don't bother with 'em, or they can try to magically create some kind of mind
blowing, dazzling topic to chit-chat about, instead of just complaining
about it. 

Enough yammering from me - I've got *cringe* homework to do. To those I
haven't written in a while yet - I give you my deepest, deepest apologies
-this Friday 'tis be my email catch-up day...